Solidarity With The House of Brag

Taken from the House of Brag Blog “This morning we were evicted by High Court bailiffs. They did not even knock before they started battering down the door. Words cannot express our outrage and anger at these thugs who forced their way into our home, forced us out. None of us were harmed, and we managed to get most of our stuff out. The rage we feel at the bailiffs, the cops and the whole brutal system of bullshit, is at once bouyed with the love and solidarity we feel with other squatters, other queers and like minded people. As our door was caving in we had time to make only one call, but within minutes we had maybe ten people in the courtyard, supporting us and hassling the scum. The solidarity we’ve received has made the whole experience less crushing, more defiant. At the same time, it has been of practical use too; that we were able to move our things immediately to another location, that people have offered us places to stay. We’re all ok, and today we’ll be looking for our next venue.”



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