Solidarity with Villa Amalias

This is a message of solidarity which goes out to the Villa Amalias squat in Greece (which has been open for 23 years offering social space, events, project space and a gerneal anti capitalist/money free space for the local community) which was raided by the state forces of repression and armd gang members (the filth/cops) this week, with a total of eight comrades being arrested and now charged with a variety of false offenses including those relating to conspire to make explosives after some empty bottles (found in the kitchen) and a small can of petrol (next to a  petrol powered heater) were “discovered”.

The squat has been deeply involved in local politics and activism and has been a key counterculture and anti-capitalist free space for years and years, and is clearly doing a good job of narking off the state the Greek minister of public order stated that Villa was an “epicentre for lawlessness” ; this attack, eviction, and arrest aimed at our comrades was clearly politically motivated, aimed at shutting down the squat and crushing voices of descent and spaces not yet constrained and infected by the virus that is capitalism.

In every country where squats and other spaces exist outside of the agreed neoliberal concensus they will attack us, agress us and attempt to destroy us; we must stand together for the politics we share, against the evils of a system that seeks to control every aspects of our lives, and in doing so fight them and their system like our lvies depend on it- because they do. An attack against one of us is an attack against all of us.

The Library Street Social Centre calls for speech and action is support of our comrades- Solidarity is a Weapon.



3 thoughts on “Solidarity with Villa Amalias

    • Autonomous action is probably the best kind, think about stuff you could do to show support… targets include Greek Embassy, Consulate etc…

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