Update on Calais Migrant Solidarity Fundraiser

Organising for the Calais Migrant Solidarity fund raiser on the the 11th of January is now in full swing and there is much excitement at the Social Centre about this coming event.

We have three confirmed musical acts including a band, singer song writer, and an acoustic set from half a chicken- listen here http://halfachicken.bandcamp.com. We have also arranged that a group of people who were recently in Calais will give an infoshop/workshop talk on  the situation there, going over, and the basics of practical solidarity.

There will be an alcoholic drinks raffle, and food, snacks, tea and coffee by donation.

We ask that people bring unwanted items such as sleeping bags, warm or waterproof clothes, or other tat as an entrance donation or a little money towards the costs of getting to Calais.


3 thoughts on “Update on Calais Migrant Solidarity Fundraiser

    • i think q mixture of publicity, the cause speaking for itself, and luck, ze didnt announce who the bands were going to be, buyt i think the lure of live music and djs helped, theree talent certainly meant people stayed;;;

  1. I love to attend fundraising events that involve entertainment. Its a win win for everyone. I enjoy being in the community, rasiing funds ( I share info : Fundraise on Facebook) and having a nice outting. Have a great weekend!

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