People’s Kitchen & “LUCIO”

Our regular peoples kitchen will begin every Thursday at 6pm with food served at around half past six. The meal we cook is usually made of vegetables that would otherwise go to waste (e.g. skipped food) although we often have to buy some staples such as pasta, rice, etc. No one is expected to pay for the meal, though donations towards the cost of production are greatly appreciated- please bring your own plate if you have one and help with washing up. Also, you can come a couple of hours earlier (or whenever you want) if you are up for helping out preparing!

This week the documentary “Lucio” will be screened afterwards:

Lucio Urtubia has dedicated his life to anarchism. He has colaborated with Ernesto Guevara, cheated 20.000.000 euros from Citibank and participated in infamous kidnappings…  Anarchists who had to steal or deal in contraband for the cause, are numerous. Those who have discussed strategies with Che or helped Eldridge Cleaver, the Black Panther leader, are the minority. Lucio combined the above and succeeded in putting the most powerful bank in the world on the ropes, without missing a single days work.

[Spanish with English subtitles. There will be a brief explanatory introduction too]

The Freeshop, Infoshop, and Library will be open during this time.



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