…and Berlin Self-organised against families’ evictions !!!!


Yesterday 1000 people turned out at 7 am to resist the eviction of the Gülbol family!!!! 400 cops plus a helicopter finally managed to evict them…..but as Ali Gülbol said “THE FIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN” !!!

This is what we need..LONDON SELF-ORGANISE !!!!!!!!   …This is how a civil society really starts to have their say, all together, from any background, any age & condition…..
This short animation explains the story of Gülbol family within the housing market context…. It could not be clearer…….     http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUdjY2GULPQp0L1YdJZOD3-Q&feature=player_embedded&v=H6N5tpdHD2Y


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