1.402.854 signatures force Spanish Parlament to start mortgage laws reform !!!

Public pressure makes the Government to draw back in its decision to vote against unblocking the debate for the reform of mortgage laws, which suffocate people to unacceptable extent.. Four days later, MADRID SELF-ORGANISED itself (in the picture) once more together with other  49 CITIES!!! Thousands went out on Sat the 16th to protest against the more than 400.000 evictions suffered in the country since 2008…and to make it clear that “el pueblo” will keep resisting.

More than 500 evictions happening daily currently in Spain. 

And 5.600.000 residencial properties stay empty across the country <Spanish National Statistics Institute>   ………

Feb 12th <Reuters> “Spain’s parliament agreed on Tuesday to debate reforms to tough mortgage laws, the focus of bitter protests in the country’s economic crisis, after activists presented a petition with close to 1.5 million signatures.”……..http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/12/spain-mortgges-idUSL5N0BCIY82013021


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