MOVING TO EILEEN HOUSE!!!! People’s Kitchen today by SelfOrganised London

Library Street is now part of Selforganised London (SOL) Social Space…..!!!!!

S.O.L (Self Organized London) Social Centre squats, sets up in 6 storey office building in Elephant and Castle, London.

Eileen House on 80-94 Newington Causeway, a 1960s office building, has been empty for years.

Its re-development has been subject to a prolonged and totally contested debate between Southwark Council, Oakmayne developers, local residents, the famous nightclub “Ministry of Sound” (located opposite Eileen House) and the mayor of London.

After numerous months of haggling and bureaucratic warfare (!), we decided to take back Eileen House off the fat cats and lousy bureaucrats who think they run the show. Not any more! We’ve reclaimed this building for the residents of elephant and castle.

Tuesday night, a number of UK based social centre collectives squatted Eileen House as a direct action against gentrification. As the Self Organised London Social Space, we want to propose & exchange ideas for radical alternatives, working with the many vibrant and organic communities around E&C.

For this reason we will put on a number of events, talks, discussions, film screenings, music nights and much more for the first week (see below). All residents and Londoners are encouraged to pop in for a cuppa, discuss matters, attend our events or just have a good laugh.

During this first week we are really happy for people to come by, have a look around the building (it’s massive!) and give us a hand with setting up.

Opening hours: Wednesdays – Sundays, 2-10 pm.



SOL – Self Organised London Social Centre




Online Portal

Run by:

Library Street Collective

No Shoes No Roots

DIY space for London

FIRST EVENT,  Thursday, 21st of February:

6.30pm: People’s Kitchen – free food for and by the community

8pm: Talk and discussion about welfare cuts and bedroom tax


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