Reclaim it! Direct action on international women’s day

Join a great action of reclaiming space in resistance to austerity & patriarchy:
“Reclaim It! Take Direct Action on International Women’s Day
Sick of the Con Dem’s regime of cuts and austerity?
Tired of watching helpless while the government destroys people’s lives and create a world we don’t want to live in?
Then join us on International Women’s Day to take direct action to stop the cuts.
We are an independent coalition of feminist and anti-cuts activists who think its time to take matters into our own hands. We are particularly concerned about the gendered impact of the cuts which will jeopardise safe and free access to abortion, force single mothers back to work when their children are still young, close down rape crisis centres and women’s refuges as well as many more services for women and LGBT people.
We will be taking direct action in a ‘yet-to-be-revealed’ location, to reclaim feminist space. Assemble at 12pm on Friday 8th March at either Goldsmiths University of London (main entrance Lewisham Way ) or Queen Mary University of London (main entrance Mile End road) where you will be met and taken to a convergence point. This action is open to people of all genders and none.
Join us to fight austerity together!”

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