Eviction of Eileen House last night, Colorama eviction imminent!

After more than 7 months of squatting the bigger Colorama building, Library Street’s home base is now under imminent threat of eviction. We lost the court case to Flamingo Holdings, a company registered in the Cayman Islands (…) who will probably make a great deal of money by building yuppie flats where Colorama is now standing: The planning application fails to meet any of the Southwark Council social housing policies, but despite this – as so often – permission was granted last November by the local authorities. Once again, profit counts more than social justice. This is why now, finally, the owners will claim possession and force us into homelessness.

The same thing – just on a much bigger scale – happened last night, just round the corner. For the past weeks, Library Street was based in Eileen House, where it formed part of the Self-organised London Social Space: http://selforganisedlondon.org/
However, at four in the morning, High Court Bailiffs and Cops stormed the building, kicking in the front door and causing mayhem. Similarly to Colorama, the planning application for Eileen House envisages its demolition and the construction of residential units for the well-off, NONE of them socially rented, not even 20% of them shared ownership. Another building in perfect condition that is rather left empty for those who have plenty than put to good use for those who have none. To us, it shows once more that the law and state authorities uphold an unjust and absurd system, to the benefit of corporate profit, to the disadvantage of the people.

Faced with the social cleansing of the Elephant and this onslaught on our spaces, Library Street is taking a break to reorganise our homes, regain our strengths and rethink our next projects. We will keep you updated via twitter (LibraryStLondon), Facebook (Library Street London) and email (librarystreetlondon@gmail.com)!

Thanks to all of you who have shown support and solidarity throughout the past months and weeks, stay tuned! Eviction is imminent!



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