Colorama2 Get-together @ MadePossiblyBySquatting

Colorama has been long evicted, our crew has long dispersed, moved on to other places, and to other projects. The physical space Library Street occupied over the last winter is now history, but its inspiration, its beauty, its sociality is still with us.

As the MadePossibleBySquatting exhibition ( displays and celebrates decades of squatting, of social centres, of struggles against capitalism and the state – all of which Library Street embodied – we come together once more.

This Saturday, we will revive Colorama2 for one night. With a people’s kitchen, a music jam, and some film screenings we will bring back the vibe and atmosphere that was Library Street. Come with your friends and comrades, to live again these moments of joy, struggle, creativity and kitchen chaos.

Join us  for the Colorama2 Takeover.

Sat, 14th of September, 7-11pm @ 15 Dock Street



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