About Us



The Library Street Community Centre inside the squatted Colorama building in Elephant and Castle and has been preparing to open for the use of the local community since it was occupied in September 2012.

The Space is on two floors, the bottom floor being a social and community space (open to the public) and the top being home to the group of people who live and work in the building (and therefore a private space, where access is restricted).

We want to be a space where people can meet, socialise, attend events, share meals, read books, and more; a space that can be used by the local community and anyone who is interested in social work and political activities (respecting our safer space policy, of course).

We think this is especially important in a time where more and more public space is privatized and sold off to private investors, where less and less money is donated to public welfare and social life, and where communities and social life are more and more reliant on self-organization. With our space we intend to provide some alternative to capitalism and privatization, some free social and cultural services and activities, some space for networking and community organization.

What we do

We organize as a non hierarchical space [meaning everybody has a fair say in the running of the space and there are no bosses or leaders] and have a safer spaces policy  that everyone entering the building is asked to abide by.

Since we began life, we have hosted a number of events including talks and dance parties, fund-raising events for community organisations, theatre group performances and meetings; though until now we have not been fully open to the public. We have also been working hard within the space, to fix plumbing and electrical faults, patch up holes in the roof, paint and decorate the space, and provide infrastructure such as the Library & Infoshop and the Freeshop.

We opened the space to the public for the first time on Saturday November 10th; where neighbours could come together to create an environment that is accessible and welcoming for the use of all the communities around us.

Soon we will start to organise events including a peoples kitchen and an art exhibition (dates TBC); but we are also looking for ideas and contributions from people who would like to do things inside the building.

We are also working on having regular opening times for the space so people can come to read, socialise, or have a cup of tea, but we will need help and volunteers to make this possible.



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