Get Involved

We really need people with energy to help us make the space the best it can be; if you would  like  to be involved please email us-  phone us on- or come and visit the space and let us know you would like to help.

Projects to get involved in include the Peoples Kitchen, The Library, The Freeshop, The Music Space, Hosting one off Events, helping with cleaning/tidying, and anything else you would like to see happen in the space.

We hold a weekly meeting in order to discuss the running of the social centre, which is open for anyone to join. The exact date and time will be announced shortly.


2 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Got an email about an event on 11th with regards to Calais Benefit Party looking for speakers/acts/musicians etc.. Don’t know who to contact, but thought i’d send something on here, Names Nick, just moving to London looking to get more involved, but also do a fun acoustic act called Half a Chicken and would be interested in playing, can you please pass on to relevant person?? THanks….

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