Peoples Kitchen

People’s Kitchen: Every Thursday, from 6pm onwards, food around 7pm.

Usually, we have a film screening or some other cultural/political event after people’s kitchen.


Peoples Kitchen have been going on for hundreds of years in many different countries across the world. The idea is that a large communal meal is cooked and people come together as a large group to share this meal. Unlike a normal restaurant the meal is always based on a donation of whatever you can afford (that can be bringing along some ingredients, a small amount of money, donating some time to cooking/cleaning pots or nothing) and people are expected to wash up their own plates and cutlery as well as cleaning the table that they sit at. Anyone can volunteer to help chop, cook, or clean and the idea is that everyone who attends is in some way participates in the event. Mostly, we aim at cooking food that everyone would like to eat, whether they are vegans, vegetarians or carnivores. Furthermore, given that we live in an extremely rich, wasteful, and expensive society, we think that using food which has been thrown away but is in a perfectly fine condition is a really good alternative of providing cheap meals and  undermining consumerism on a daily basis.

Opening times & Getting involved

We open our doors for people’s kitchen every Thursday evening, from 6pm onwards. Food is usually served around 7pm, depending on how much help we have!

We really need donations of pots, pans, plates, cutlery, cups, cleaning products, and anything else you can think of that kitchens need in order to make the experience the best it can be; if you have anything to offer please email us or come round and drop some stuff in. We also urgently need volunteer cooks and cleaners who can donate some time to making the meal or cleaning up afterwards. Lastly, we are happy to receive skipped food or to share our skills on where and how to get really good food for free.

Anyone who feels able should contact us via email  (librarystreetlondon[at]gmail[dot]com) with the subject header [PK] or come and visit us.



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