Spaces in the building

In our community centre we are blessed ample room we have set various spaces and resources for everybody to use. These Include a Freeshop, Library, Infoshop, Music and Art/Creative spaces.


The freeshop is in the space next to the library and infoshop and contains clothes, toys, furniture, and other random things that are free for anyone to take and make use of.  It works on the principle of mutual aid (basically you can get stuff without paying, and give stuff without expecting anything back). Of course this means that we are dependent on donations, so if you have clothes or other items that you no longer need then you can donate them to the freeshop for someone else to have!

The clothing section of the freeshop is divided up into lots of different sections and you can usually find anything from shoes, coats and hats to jumpers, trousers, shirts and underwear (clean).

Please treat the freeshop with respect, try to keep it tidy and only take things that you actually need.

The library

The aim of the Library is to provide free book resources to anyone who visits Library Street; we believe that people should have access to books and literature without having to pay for them and without having to apply for a library card (something you cannot do in most state libraries without a fixed address).

The Library is divided into two sections, the static Library and the lending/taking Library. Books and pamphlets from the static Library can be read inside the space when it is open, but unfortunately need to stay in the space as they either belong to individuals or to the house and we cannot afford to loose them. Books and pamphlets in the lending/taking section can be read in or outside the space and it is totally cool to take them home to read; it is also o.k. to keep these books or share them with others as they are donated and a communal resource.  Books in the static Library are stickered to make this obvious and will probably contain someone’s name in the inside of them, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THESE, and return them to the shelf you found them on when leaving the space.

If you have any books that you do not need, then we greatly accept donations for either the static or lending/taking library and we are always looking to expand.

The infoshop

The infoshop contains a wide selection of newspapers, pamphlets, flyers, posters, polemics, and other materials all of which are free to read in or out of the space, and which can be taken home distributed etc.

The aim of the infoshop is to provide information about all sorts of subjects from upcoming community events, to political actions, to news from across the world. We want to create a space where information can be shared freely and where people can learn about the experiences of others and inform others of their own.

Everyone is welcome to add literature, pamphlets etc. to the info shop and it is actively encouraged that people take a look here every time they visit in order to hear about things that are going on in the local area. The only guideline for leaving literature is that it does not breach our safer space policy; we will remove literature if it does.

Music Space

Our music space is working at low capacity at the moment due to some technical hitches with speakers and recording equipment, until further notice the only equipment we have is instruments (guitars, violin, keyboard, drums, accordion etc.) and other equipment. All equipment is free to use, but cannot leave the space as it is expensive and belongs to people. We sometimes hold events in the space which will be advertised as and when they are decided upon.

Moreover, we are planning to start music lessons or just let people try out some new instruments and music equipment, with the assistance of someone who already knows some bits. While we are certainly willing to share our skills with anyone who comes along, we are happy if people contribute by giving lessons or sharing their experience as well.


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